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Accelerating performance by changing the way people think about their organisations

The working environment is evolving rapidly and success comes to those who can adapt most readily.

Yet adapting does not mean doing something different for a few months. It usually demands longer term commitment...coupled with resilience as it may not be long before new pressures come to bear.

Organisations have traditionally used a kaleidoscope of measures to promote changes in behaviour, from restructuring, new incentive schemes and performance targets to training and communications drives.

Frequently this is not enough to embed real change to 'the ways we do things around here’.  It seems you can modify the label, role, and targets but if you don't shift the mind-set, the changes won't last and behaviours will quickly revert to the 'status quo ante'.

This is where the Zeta Process comes in - a set of simple techniques with a profound impact

With a long history in psychology, marketing and operations, Zeta principles quickly highlight the beliefs, mind-sets and values that support change and those that anchor resistance.

Knowing how behaviours AND mind-set need to change means that development plans are simply stronger - for individual leaders, the teams they manage and the organisations they serve.

It's an approach that is not simply effective - it can be transformational...

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for organizations

Organisations do not stand still. Shifting environments demand action, from small nudges to high profile restructuring. Yet only 30% of key projects deliver on expectations. Why? Because of the subtle and pervasive impact of beliefs, culture and mindset on behaviour.
The Zeta Process sheds light on these areas. It provides irrefutable evidence and offers a clear call-to-action. The result is change that is smoother, more productive and more durable.

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for teams

Teams are the engines of growth. They are on the critical path that translates policy into action and performance. Teams must maintain high performance whilst remaining alert to continuous changes in their working environments and reacting accordingly.
Zeta principles help accelerate the process of adjustment and underpin sustained shifts in interactions as well as mindset.

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for leaders

Leaders face continuous transitions – new targets, new teams, new roles. They want – they need – to make crucial adjustments as swiftly and smoothly as possible.
Zeta principles offer critical insights into the values and beliefs that drive and sustain shifts in behaviour.
Address these and you have the key to performance – and future growth.

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...change the way your people think about how they do what they do...