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The Zeta Process - developed in close collaboration

The Zeta Process is the result of close collaboration between two consultancies based in the UK and Europe.

Scott-McGregor is based in the UK. It helps people and organisations translate ideas into practice more productively by addressing the human and cultural factors that support as well as hinder performance and growth. It is engaged by the largest business and public corporations especially those whose 'commercial' success depends on technical strength and professional capability. The brand was formally established in 1997 though its roots can be traced back a further two decades.

image_onecg_logoOneCG is based in The Netherlands. It was founded in 2009 and focuses on enabling transformational change. Its work is based on the belief that the human side of enterprise is the critical factor in the success or failure of organisations. It is engaged by large multi-national corporations as well as European companies and financial instructions. Like Scott-McGregor, its work is international as well as regional.

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