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“Nothing changes unless behaviour changes”

social network leaderIt is quite natural to want to repeat a successful formula; a particular style and approach is probably responsible for the leader being in his or her current position. The risk is that what worked so well at one time or in one place does not always guarantee the same level of success in future.

Success probably needs a shift in behaviour or approach. Or at least a reassessment.

For example, the leader may need to act or react differently. He or she may need to experiment with small changes to see how well they work in new situations. Tactics such as these can get great results if they are kept up for a long period; they become the new way the leader does things. The risk is that progress may falter before reaching this point. It takes dedication and discipline to sustain a long-term shift in behaviour and it is fascinating to see how often the pull exerted by old tried-and-tested methods, mind-set or the prevailing culture can get in the way.

Two levels

A more powerful strategy is to approach the challenge at two levels – beliefs as well as behaviour.

Behaviour is like the tip of an iceberg. It is driven by what lies beneath the surface,  by feelings, thoughts and critically by values, beliefs, mind-sets, cultural norms (‘the ways we do things around here’) and personal motivation.

Leaders who address these powerful underlying factors as well as their behaviour and interactions are building on a more solid foundation. It is what top athletes, sportspeople and performers do.

Zeta principles help identify and explore the beliefs that drive behaviour.

Once these are understood the leader has a clear focus for future development – with one major difference. It will have a foundation that is more likely to deliver longer-term results.

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