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“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Peter Drucker

social network organisationThere are countless stories of how cultural challenges have held back progress.

‘Culture’ is the collection of values and beliefs that guide behaviour and decision making in organisations. It has been responsible, for example, for:

  • strong aversion to risk that hampered the sale of large-scale mobile phone networks;
  • nearly scuppering international mergers in the legal sector;
  • fragmenting working practices in the oil industry when influential leaders were promoted away;
  • preventing senior leaders from collaborating over client portfolios in professional services.

Human factors

Many argue that human factors bear heavily on the way 70% of major projects fail to meet expectations. It is a widely quoted statistic. They frequently lie behind unwanted distractions that can be costly in all senses of the word.

This is why Scott-McGregor and OneCG co-developed the Zeta Process.

If you want changes to stick, you need to look at the shared beliefs that drive the behaviour you want. Based on concepts rooted in psychology and adopted by marketing (and found in manufacturing), the Zeta Process helps lay bare these collective values. It helps get a clear piicture of the factors behind existing behaviour and how these need to evolve to meet future needs.

With this information ‘on the table’, organisations are in a far better position to address them before they become barriers to growth and performance.

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