What lies behind the Zeta process?

The Zeta Process is a powerful yet deceptively simple idea. If you want a fresh angle to dealing with exciting opportunities, major hurdles or small obstacles to performance, it might hold the key. The approach is based on experience, research and extensive practice. Here are some simple beliefs at the core of The Zeta Process:

  • Nothing changes unless behaviour changes.
  • Behaviour is like the tip of the iceberg, where what you see is driven by what you don’t see. Mindset, beliefs and values are the hidden factors behind all our interactions; leaders with leaders, teams with teams, organisations with organisations.
  • Deeply held beliefs exert a huge influence and are hard to shift.
  • Address beliefs at the same time as behaviour if you want to achieve lasting change.

How do you identify underlying beliefs and mindset? This is where the Zeta process comes in.

We use a variety of well-tested approaches. We use them to quickly identify the underlying mind-set, values and norms that influence collective behaviour and individual attitudes.

This is not a ‘black-box’. It is an entirely transparent process where the results are clear for all to see.

And control lies with the people invovled. When ideas are expressed, they are described in their words. The results are entirely unique. You have to pay attention when “the people have spoken”!

The Zeta Process offers a refreshingly honest platform from which to build solutions for a deeper and more sustainable future.

Change the way people think about how they do what they do

Achieve swifter, more assured results